A Mid-April Update

I had the realization an hour or so ago that I’d not put anything up on here in a long time, and I’ll admit that looks bad on my part. Time for an update then about where we are.

So, originally, I’d planned to, at least initially, use the same hosting provider as M&F is currently using. That original plan, is not going to work out. For reasons involving addresses, that I’m not going into.

But, I registered a new provider today.

I spent a couple weeks looking into different well-known options, reading reviews, checking pricepoints, and I think I’ve picked a good one. The new plan is VERY similar to the one that M&F is currently using, at almost the same price point even, and I spent this evening after work getting it setup with what I think is all the basic requirements to run the game. I’m certain I’ve missed a few (I usually do, every time I do something like this), but it’s a start. Regardless, given that this host will only EVER be hosting M&F (and maybe a test server or two that likely won’t have turns nor generate anywhere near as much load) it should be much more reliable.

I hope to do initial setup of the game this week as I find time after my day job, and hopefully have a test instance running by the beginning of next week. Whether or not it’ll be running automatic turns, I don’t know, but I should be able to get it functional, with a few manual turns as a proof-of-function.