Unified Combat System

So, it partially began as a thought exercise to see if I could figure out what you’d need to do to make BattleMaster use Might & Fealty’s combat script. Eventually, I got to the point where I wanted to see if I could put my thoughts to paper (or computer, as is the case), and that happened today.

Until we think of a better name, I’m calling it the Unified Combat System, and the goal is to have it work for both M&F and BM. Continue reading “Unified Combat System”

A Mid-April Update

I had the realization an hour or so ago that I’d not put anything up on here in a long time, and I’ll admit that looks bad on my part. Time for an update then about where we are.

So, originally, I’d planned to, at least initially, use the same hosting provider as M&F is currently using. That original plan, is not going to work out. For reasons involving addresses, that I’m not going into.

But, I registered a new provider today. Continue reading “A Mid-April Update”