1 Month Later

Ack! I did not mean to neglect this place. We’ve gotten some stuff done though!

Among other things, an exploit that allowed anyone to change the permissions of any settlement was fixed. A number of equipment values were modified to make things more or less deadly depending on how long it took to train them. Soldier logs are now sorted, and sortable. And along that same line, all event logs, everywhere, are now user sortable.

Related: I spent about an hour wondering why the table sorter was leaving all this blank space. Part of how this works involves jquery to systematically hide and show specific page elements, and it determines those elements based on their class settings. Well, if you set the class by the table cell and not the table row, surprisingly enough, it will leave a blank, 1 pixel row, for every blank row. Setting the class on the table row fixed everything (and reduced the page size as well).

Event log sorting was finished earlier this morning, and just now, in between typing this (I started this a couple hours ago, for the record), I have finished making it possible for you to opt to just leave a settlement, without setting movement. A lot of how this works aleady exists as it’s own methods, it was just a matter of making the code needed for it to be it’s OWN action exist.

Next up on the block will probably be allowing people to abandon distant settlements. This should be a relatively easy add as well, as the code to do this already exists in places–namely, the character death system–I just only need smaller portions of it, and to adapt it into a new action.