Setting up a Test Server – Part 01/??

One of the biggest issues I have with developing Might & Fealty is that I don’t actually have a test server to use. So all my work is basically, at the end of the day, an educated guess based on how the rest of the code is structured.

On the plus side, I do actually have a workstation (yes, that’s the correct term, it’s distinctly not-a-PC component wise, though I’d love to throw an SSD in it one of these days) that I can put towards this.

In line with that, I’ve opted for Ubuntu, for reasons I can’t honestly recall anymore.

Might & Fealty, like who knows how many things, was intended for an Apache2 server, and I’m not going to go into the details of that–there’s a million guides on “How do I install Apache2 on Ubuntu” or “How do I setup a website on Apache2 in Ubuntu” or “How Ubuntu Website” (tabun). Having read a few of them, they seem to work.

The first thing I’m noticing, is that if you drag the M&F files onto the server, they will NOT just WORK. A quick note on the files, take the files in the repo and throw them in /var/www/. I don’t know if it’s the right direction, but there’s a file that you can probably access at localhost/web/config.php if you put them in the right spot that will probably give you enough errors to figure out what you’re missing with some decent Google-fu.

The first one I encountered was “getHelpHtml() ?>”, which is basically Symfony2 complaining that I didn’t appear to have PHP installed. Which lead me to figure out that having PHP and having Apache2 did not mean that Apache2 knew that PHP was a thing :\. Which lead to a bunch of other Google searches that kept telling me to install php5 things. I’ve no idea if it’ll work the same, but since none of those are existent according to apt-get, I’m going to go with php7, because it’s actually a thing according to my OS.

The command you’re going to want to get past our wonderful getHelpHtml error though is, according to my efforts at this point…

sudo apt-get install php libapache2-mod-php

I’ve a theory–that I won’t test because I’m not installing a fresh OS just to try a thing right now–that you could probably just run that command at the start and it might install php and Apache2 which, if it works, will get you up and running a lot faster than my… days(?) of work.