Our First Big Update: “To Your Positions”

So, we’re super happy to report that Might & Fealty’s first big update, which we call the “To Your Positions” update, or more boringly: 1.0.3; has gone live to the game yesterday, with only a couple hiccups so far (because no update survives first contact with the production server).

This update adds a ton of new features to the game’s existing Realm systems:

  • A new method for handling realm conversations has been implemented.
  • There are now 2 default realm conversations, one for Announcements, like elections, and one for general discussion.
  • Unfortunately, due to how these are handled, all realms will see 2 new conversations added to them, but…
  • The groundwork has been laid for allowing you to customize what messages go to what conversation (on the backend, at least).
  • Elections will only be announced in the announcements thread! No more election spam. Which is good, because…
  • Ruler positions that have an election type set will now use that election type when an election is needed and…
  • Ruler positions will always cause an election if they aren’t inherited, which is cool because…
  • All election types are fully implemented.
  • All other positions will be inherited or have an election, as appropriate, when the position is vacated due to death/slumber.
  • Positions will inherit first, if able, then go to an election, if able.
  • Positions have set election dates, expressed in Years and Weeks.
  • All positions are elected on the first day of that week, in an automated election.
  • Elections are now handled as part of the turn system, rather than when the election list is loaded.
  • This means that the vote count times are now 100% predictable.
  • Elections will now trigger again after 7 days, down from 15.
  • Previous position holders will lose their position only after the election completes, but before the winners are chosen.
  • Positions can be designated as having more than 1 minimum holder, which the game understands is the target quantity of holders.
  • New election type added: “by fortifications” that counts vounts based on the fortifications in a person’s settlements.
  • Add election sub-types for “by land” and “by fortification” to only include land in the realm.

So, what comes next? Well, we’ve already begun some work on extending settlements, adding capitals, adding buildings, adding new rules to what can be built where, adding new regional features (fun fact: settlements ARE region features). Still debating what we’ll title this update as though. That said, this will be the 1.1 update, rather than 1.0.4, as it’ll add major features rather than finishing existing or add small things ones.

And of course, we’ll be working on fixing any bugs we missed with the 1.0.3 update as well. Those will take priority before other work.