What’s Next?

So, the server move is done, and while we’ve yet to iron out the last few kinks, we are actively working on things. First and foremost, game breaking bugs. Secondly, bugs we can understand enough to work on. Third, new features and additions. And yes, in that order.

The biggest bugs we encountered was of course the mail issues, which I’ll not cover again. Beyond that, there was a bug we introduced to heraldry where if your character had a spouse that did NOT have a heraldry, it’d prevent you from loading the page to select any. We added a rule to only care about spouse heraldry if said spouse actually HAD heraldry, which fixed that.

There is another error that we believe was introduced by an update to the underlying framework the game runs on (our research indicates Symfony 2.7.33 itself, rather than one of it’s dependencies–for the record, the game used to run on Symfony 2.7.7). This particular error causes a bug in the character sorting functionality for each player.. You should see the fix live in game now.

Beyond that, well, is everything and anything. First we’ll be trying to finish a number of things that have personally annoyed us as players over the years, the first of which is visible on our test server and includes a bunch of fixes and additions for Realm Positions, some of which have been half done for a long time, others which are logical additions to the existing system, and others yet that are new additions altogether.

This includes things like the game understanding that a position should have multiple holders and calling elections when it doesn’t, both new election types and a full implementation of ALL election types, as well as the game being able to call elections for ALL elected positions, not just the Ruler. And those are just the things we already have working.

Beyond that we’re working on a way to implement terms as a routine thing set by the players. We could go the static route of all elections being held on new years, but that, is kind of boring. This way, you’ll get to set election day to whatever day you want. We’re also working on figuring out the implementation of Position Permissions, or since that’ll confuse people: positions that can manage realm aspects, like other positions or conversations or laws or even realm permission lists.

After this update, well, we’re not quite sure what we’ll tackle next. Settlements? Combat? Guilds? Player Shops? Who knows. Maybe we’ll do a survey and see what you all think we should do!