All Systems Green?

Ah, that reads with so much less impact with a question mark at the end, but as far as I can tell, everything is good to go for the server move. I’ve already emailed Tom letting him know I think everything’s good to go and asking if there’s any last things I should check, so the move should be happening sometime in the next few weeks I’d assume. We just need to work out a date that works for both of us.

As for the problems I was encountering when last I posted . . .

The events bug, where events would be unable to be marked read even when the user marks them as read was caused by the server and PHP not using the same time. PHP was setup to work in Central US time, while the server itself was using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Things like, the PostgreSQL database that handles all the game’s events, for instance, use server time. This desync created the problem we had where events would appear unread for a while then drop off.

Now, the BitPay functionality, was relatively easy to cut out, once I figured out where it connected.

And lastly, and I saved this for last because it goes a bit more in-depth, was the map server. So, Might & Fealty, in it’s existing implementation requires, at minimum, two virtual hosts to be running. One for M&F itself, and the other for it’s maps. And it’s the map server that has kept my busy for the most part, as I tried for the last week to figure out why my test server wasn’t doing what I thought it should, even when it was setup correctly.

Turns out, I was asking it wrong. Might & Fealty’s map is interesting, in that the map tiles themselves are generated on the fly when requested by a user. I was thinking if I tell tilecache where to find the map, and then go to the url where that map piece should exist, I’d get that tile. Which works AFTER the map has been generated, but to get tilecache to cache those tiles correctly, it has to be done through the game’s map interface.

Anyways, with that said and done, hopefully the next update will be me announcing the date of the server move.

Oh, lastly, heraldry sharing is active on the test server if anyone wants to play with it. 🙂