Nearly Fully Operational

So, I’ve not been keeping good on my wanting to post something here when I get something done, and I apologize for that, but progress is continuing.

The test server, which I’ll henceforth refer to as “Valengard”, is nearly fully operational. There are a handful of bugs left to squash before I let Tom know that we’re good whenever he’s good and I put in a request for a second server to host the live game on.

The biggest things we’ve got left to do are:

  • Figure out the events bug. For some reason the test server doesn’t always mark all events as cleared, and seems to have an issue with events generated on the most recent turn. This is something I’ll have to see when it happens though, because after the next turn, the problematic events clear as normal. I’d not say this is enough to stop us from moving, though it is irritating.
  • Setup a sub-domain to host the maps on. So, both the map tiles for the game’s main map, and the maps in the libraries in-game are hosted off a second website. This should be pretty easy kill, and I’ll be adding functionality to see previously generated maps as well, though probably not through the game itself yet. This will go a long way towards having each server be independent, and, if the game grows down the line, having a secondary server that can swiftly assume all responsibilities of the main game server should it fails.
  • Remove the unfinished BitPay functionality from the payment system.

What that means is that all other aspects of the game appear to be functioning as intended. Turns are running, movement is happening, buildings can be built, roads paved, etc. Even turn logging and game backups are happening as intended by the turn scripts.

None of the remaining things listed should be particularly difficult, except maybe generating the map-tiles, but I know from previous estimates that how I think things will go and how they actually do, can be different things.